Sunday Roundup

Interesting reads I found this week:

Hugh MacLeod is giving up Twitter and Facebook. Are Facebook and Twitter making you lazy about your blog content?
Women who wear less clothing live longer. Guys, you finally have a scientific argument for convincing your girlfriends to walk around naked in the house.
Illegal book downloads aren’t really a problem. Writers care more about being read, it seems. And book sales haven’t actually dropped, either.
A French company started a lingerie line… for little girls. We already have an oversexualization problem with teenagers. This is definitely over the line.
What’s happening with Wikipedia? The pace of content is slowing down and Wikipedia needs to rethink its writing and editing model.
We’re all journalists now. If you use Twitter, you’re now part of the media. How do you use your power?
Is focusing on productivity actually hurting your work? Multitasking is a myth and being productive is not always the best way to get ahead.
Blocked? Learn some brainstorming strategies.
We all feel blocked at one time or another, but it’s easy to get out of it.

What happened on Hummingbird604:

I went to the PNE to try some fair food. I tried deep fried pop tarts, a poutine hot dog and BBQ ribs from pit masters.
We’re giving away tickets to the International Tap Dancing Festival.
There’s still a few days to go and only 2 people entered!
I saw CATIVO–a shocking play about the captor-captive relationship.
Review by Lois Patterson.
I had dinner at a wine bar on Commercial Dr. It was very good and the place has a variety of gelato to choose from.



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2 responses to “Sunday Roundup

  1. Interesting selection of articles – particularly the Twitter piece. It’s amazing the power it gives us

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