My 4 Favourite Things About Vancouver

Why did I choose Vancouver as my adoptive city, and did not go back to Montréal or stay in Edmonton? Well, it wasn’t hard to leave Edmonton, and even though Montréal is attractive because of the cheap rent and my family there, the choice to move to Vancouver was ultimately a matter of the heart rather than the head.

The landscape

Montréal has a mountain… or rather a hill. And where I’m from is pretty picturesque if you think about it:

Mont St-Hilaire from Beloeil

Mont St-Hilaire, as seen across the river from Beloeil. Credit: Wikiabou

A “mountain” I’ve hiked a hundred times, a pretty church, a river. And yet, there’s something about Vancouver that simply puts me in awe every time.

Boats, Stanley Park, mountains

Boats, Stanley Park and the mountains behind

There’s just something about the landscape here that takes my breath away.

The shopping

Vancouver is VERY fashionable. Just as much as Montréal, but on different terms. Montreal is a mix of business and casual; in Vancouver people dress up to a level I’ve only seen in the swankiest bars in Montréal. To go for dinner at the corner chinese restaurant.

The shopping here is varied and easy. Can’t go on Robson without leaving with some new frocks…

The beat

If you’ve ever lived on the East Coast, you know what I’m talking about. Here everything is so much more relaxed. People take it easy. There’s something about the air, about all the coffee shops and the occasions to be outdoors that makes this place an easy one. The hippies might be rarer these days, but their legacy remains.

The food

Oh my god. The food. It’s easy to get bad food in Montréal… here you need to dig a little deeper. Even the food trucks have renowned chefs! I still need to visit more restaurants–low budget obliging–but my dream day would be a day spent on Denman trying every single restaurant.

I might have mentioned the climate, but it’s an obvious one.

What do you like about Vancouver? If you were born here, what you’re favourite thing about it? If you’re an expat like me, what made you stay?



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3 responses to “My 4 Favourite Things About Vancouver

  1. I do not currently live in Vancouver, but I do miss it greatly. I live in Yellowknife, my hometown, and although I love it here and will probably stay here until the end of my days, I would like to live in Vancouver for at least a year or two, not attending school.

    What I enjoyed the most about Vancouver, especially downtown, was being able to walk just about anywhere to get whatever it was that one needed. The selection of restaurants with their various styles of cuisine was simply outstanding. And needless to say, Vancouver is a lot warmer than Yellowknife year-long. A lot a lot. Although, there are times I prefer the snow to the rain…

    • Anabelle

      The restaurants are definitely a plus…. and the no winter thing, too. You don’t even have to be from Yellowknife… Montréal is cold too :)

      I’ve come to like the rain, actually, and suffered a lot in Edmonton because of the cold. Even the sun didn’t really make it better.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you keep on reading! :)

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