Modalu Pippa Portfolio Bag (review)

In another life, I studied fashion marketing.

Yes, shocking I know! My move to Vancouver brought me back full circle to my love of everything fashion–especially cosmetics (I used to be a make-up fiend). Sephora is now my favourite shopping place.

I also tend to self-medicate with shopping when I am stressed or upset, and access to shopping malls in this city is so damn easy (contrary to Edmonton), so last week I spent the most I ever did on a bag:

Modalu Pippa Portfolio bag

My precious...

This is a Modalu Pippa Portfolio–and yes the Pippa is for Pippa Middleton, because she is seen wearing Modalu Bags around London. I’m no stranger to expensive bags (I own three Lululemon bags), but this one was the most pricey of them all.

This is an awfully pretty bag. For 250$, it better be… I love the faux-croc look of the leather. Gives it an elegance that it wouldn’t have with plain patent leather. The handles are solid and easy to grasp. I don’t really like the shoulder strap though; it’s too thin and it dug uncomfortably in my shoulder.

You can slip your laptop or iPad in one of the two side pockets, or you can use them for documents. There’s a handy zipped pocket as well to stash valuables like your wallet. Since it’s a portfolio bag, it’s meant to be narrow, but there’s still plenty of space, as long as whatever you’re carrying isn’t too wide.

The front features two zipped pockets and the back has one large one. There’s more than enough space for your keys, phone, sunglasses and whatever you need on hand quickly.

I’ve only taken the bag out once, but I imagine it’ll come handy when I actually have to carry stuff to work. When I have a job. Soon. Hopefully. Because I have good skills that only need to be discovered. Anyway. It was a bit big for just my iPad, my Kindle and my wallet, but I can see it becoming useful for carrying more stuff.

I love my Pippa bag. It’s very pretty. It doesn’t break dance but it makes me look like a serious professional. There are many different models that look a little less formal; I might grab myself a smaller model for casual days.

You can find Modalu bags in a Town Shoes store near you!


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One response to “Modalu Pippa Portfolio Bag (review)

  1. Tammy Bilodeau

    I have been wanting a Modalu Pippa bag for months, but didn’t want to do the online ordering from the UK. From the link on your blog, I learned that they were carried by Town Shoes in Vancouver. I am going to Vancouver this weekend and was already planning on visiting the Sephora in the Pacific Mall and that is the Town Shoes location. Yeah, Pippa bag shopping.

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