Rogue Restaurant and Wet Bar (review)

On July 30th, I visited Rogue Restaurant and Wet Bar between the first and second procession of Illuminares.

The restaurant was quite empty considering it was a Saturday, but I imagine it’s more of a weekday, happy hour kinda place catering to the working crowd that uses the Waterfront station.

I was promptly seated by my host and given a menu. They have interesting drink choices and a menu that features varied food–New American, according to FourSquare.

Seafood linguine

Big portion, lots of seasoning...

Talking of FourSquare, there was a special when I visited: email the name of your server and your favourite dish and get a coupon for a free drink. I actually received the coupon this we ek, so I can tell you it’s not a hoax!

My drink came first (very yummy) and my food followed close after. I ordered the seafood linguine.

I must say I was a little disappointed with the food. The basil, garlic and white wine sauce was way too strong, overwhelming the seafood. It’s a shame, because I love

seafood. I was starving so I ate as much as I needed, but I really felt like the seasoning could be toned down to let the seafood shine through.

The portion was generous and the pasta was well cooked, however. The meal was still satisfying and I left full and happy. Sauce aside, the seafood was actually tasty.

I didn’t have any space left for a dessert but next time I’m around I might try one. Maybe with my free drink too!


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