Finding your voice

One of the most difficult things to figure out as you start (or continue) blogging is finding your own unique, distinctive voice.

Sometimes I find it difficult to get out of the run-of-the-mill, boring academic voice that I’ve spent the last seven years honing. But then, something happens and more personality shines out of my writing.

How does it happen?

I’m not really sure, but when it does, you’ll know. I’m pretty sure it happened in my leggings post. I think it happened in one article I was ghostwriting about taking low light pictures.

Reflect on who you are in real life. Do you like to share witty banters with friends? Are you the more reflexive type who only talks after long consideration? Sometimes we have different approaches to different situations, and voice is part of that too. In formal terms, we call this rhetorical situation.

How to evaluate rhetorical situations for voice

Would you write to a superior the same way you write to your mother or best friend? Probably not. This simple differentiation is what evaluating the rhetorical situation means. Who are you writing for? What are you writing about? Are there any constraints?

Find two blogs you like about two completely different topics. Is there one more formal than the other? Is the voice young, professional, playful, serious? Even on my own blog you’ll find examples of my serious style and my more playful tone.

I’m still working on developing my own voice in my different theme days and on HB604.

How did you discover your voice? Any tips to share?

Other resources on voice:

Understanding Voice and Tone in Writing

Ten Steps To Finding Your Writing Voice

How To Find Your Writing Voice


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