On Taking Risks

Do you take enough risks in your life? Too much?

I consider myself a balanced risk-taker. Able to do it when I feel it might pay off, willing to be more conservative when the circumstances call for it. I can be passionate about things but I always end up taking the time I need to make an important decision.

teens jumping down a cliff

Will you jump?

I’ve recently geared up my job search to a more aggressive stance, even though I only apply to interesting, challenging jobs for the moment. I’m not yet in survival mode as my freelance work is thriving and there’s more work from the UofCalgary on the way in September.

Today I applied to this job on JobSprout (great Vancouver job site for anyone interested in web programming, social media and creative marketing, BTW). I’m thankful to Twitter for introducing me to this new website. In any case, as you can see, the job is mainly developing blogging strategies for Internet marketing clients. I’m a great writer, I know how blogs work and my main source of revenue right now is writing blog articles. I have a lot of soft skills that qualify me for this job, but I needed a way to distinguish myself and show that my lack of formal marketing training doesn’t mean I can’t do the job.

So as a cover letter, I wrote a pseudo-blog post titled “Why You Should Consider Me for This Position”. It shows that I know how blogs work, showcases my writing abilities and lets me describe my skills and experience in a more creative, less stifling way.

Now, I don’t know if the company will appreciate this approach. I can guess at a rather formal corporate culture from the website but I can’t be sure. I took this original approach to job application because I thought it would distinguish my application from all the others. Will it work? I don’t know. Was it worth the risk? Maybe, but then we’ll see if they call back. If I can bring a smile to the HR person who’ll read it tomorrow morning, I’ll think it was worth it.

In this job market, taking risks on a job that seems out of your league or trying new and creative ways to apply to your dream job might be the only way to attract attention and get an interview.

How do you take risks? Are they calculated or crazy? Does it pay off? Tell me the story of the latest risk you took.



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2 responses to “On Taking Risks

  1. If you get the job, you’ll know this technique worked. Otherwise, it’s very hard to find out, and that I find frustrating.

    As for last risk I took, um, I can’t think of any! Maybe that should change.

    • Anabelle

      Well, no call yet, but I’m not giving up hope!

      Haha, it’s hard I know.. sometimes the beaten path is so much easier… and safer.

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