Apps for killing time

Well, I’ve gotten a little sick, so I can’t do much work. So, in these times when I can’t focus enough to work but I’m bored enough to want to keep myself busy, I take out my iPad or my iPhone and kill time with some choice apps.


Yes I know, I talked about twitter a few weeks ago, but it’s a really awesome way to procrastinate. Really. I do it all the time. Right now, even. If I don’t turn my iPad off when I work, I always end up reading my feed for an hour or two.


The first time I got this game, I couldn’t stop playing for a week. It’s one of those really simple games (free too) that has you do some basic task over and over again–in this one it’s mostly bringing people up in an elevator for tips, as well as restocking stores and building new stories. Not a brain teaser, but great to kill time.

Plants Vs Zombies… again

I beat Plants Vs Zombies on my iPhone. Then I bought the HD version for my iPad, beat it in a few hours, then started the adventure mode all over again. One of the best games made for iPhone and iPad, it really, really is fun. There’s nothing more satisfying than setting up rows of pea shooters to destroy those pesky brain-hungry zombies.

What apps do you use to kill time?


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