Frivolous Fridays: Leggings

I was walking along Robson this afternoon and I saw something interesting in the window of GAP: “Leggings are the new denim”. Now don’t get me wrong, I like fashion like the next gal, but really? Leggings are going to disappear like stirrup pants did in the 80s.

Tights are not pants

Tights are not pants.

A little history–I resisted the wearing of leggings (or tights as pants) for a few years before I finally gave

in, on certain conditions. There are some girls who just don’t get that leggings are really just tights without feet. Lindsay Lohan is NOT a trustworthy fashion icon. Unless you enjoy orange prison jumpsuits.

This means that your top that doesn’t go past your waist? Yeah, it doesn’t go with those leggings. They’re meant to be worn with something that goes at least mini-skirt length. I know they’ve started making thicker leggings, almost pants, so that there’s no more transparency effect. But in that case they become nothing more than cigarette or skinny pants with another name.

I do wear leggings once in a while, but only with longer tops that don’t make me look like I forgot to put on my pants. But a lot of girls still haven’t learned that lesson. I call it the TMI look.

Is there a current fashion trend that you think is completely ridiculous? How far are you willing to give up your dignity simply to follow the fashion?


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