App Thursdays: Apps for keeping track

As a freelancer, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the things I have to do for certain clients or projects. I’ve never been one to use agendas very much (I have an excellent memory for these things) but given the increased amount of work I now have to do, I thought I would keep a task list. Here are some tools I use to keep track of all my stuff.


Things is a rather expensive but infinitely customizable and flexible task list that syncs between your Mac, your iPhone and your iPad through wi-fi or bluetooth tethering. I only have the iPhone and Mac apps since I usually always have my phone when I have my iPad with me as well–no need to dish out an extra 20$. The iPhone app costs 10$, and the Mac app a hefty 50$. Ouch.

The beauty of Things is the scheduling function. You can program a task to come up only a few days before its due; tasks that you know about months in advance won’t clutter your to-do space. You can classify your tasks by areas of responsibility, projects, urgency or even challenge level. The interface is easy and intuitive and it doesn’t take very long to get up to speed.

The whole app deserves a much longer review than I have time or space for, but give it a try; you can get a 14-day trial for free.


ScatterBrain is a neat little app that takes note-taking to a whole new level. With ScatterBrain you can categorize your notes by color, copy and paste with a simple tap and even set reminders. I use it to jot down random thoughts that don’t go into my current work projects.


DayOne is one of the most usable diary apps out there. Syncing through DropBox across all your devices, you always have access to your entries. You can set writing reminders throughout the day, password-protect your diary and get inspirational quotes to get you started. I use it as a writing journal, resume builder (noting down all the tasks I did during the day) and general diary.

There are so many apps out there for task management, note taking and journaling that it’s really hard to choose a good one. I’m pretty happy with those I have, but feel free to suggest other apps that you find useful!


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