Thoughtful Tuesdays: What Makes You Happy?

I’m not talking about “happiness” here, that ever-elusive state of complete satisfaction with life. I’m talking about the little joys that punctuate our otherwise ordinary lives filled with routine, frustration and problems. What brings you those moments of transient happiness?

For me, it’s

  • Drinking good wine in good company
  • Walking around English Bay admiring the mountains and the sea together
  • Dancing to a great song
  • Laughing with a new friend
  • Watching TV with my love

To me, it’s all these disparate things that make life worth living. It’s not so much about being completely happy every single moment of my life, but rather about enjoying those special times when they come.

What makes you happy? What are those special moments in your life?



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6 responses to “Thoughtful Tuesdays: What Makes You Happy?

  1. -Really good company makes me the happiest! Having a relaxed evening with a friend or partner.
    -When you’ve spent ages getting ready to go out dancing…. that point when you’re so hot and everyone’s having such a good time that you don’t care how you look any more. (without the aid of drink.)
    -Those clarifying moments that let you know that you’re good at something.

    Really like your blog :)

  2. Watching my children play together. Hearing them laugh wholeheartedly. Knitting. Sewing. Seeing how much people like my work. These things and many, many more make me happy!

  3. Heather

    making some obscure joke (usually a Latin grammar joke) and having a friend get it and getting my hair brushed.

  4. Raul

    A lot of things make me happy. Particularly as of late, the fact that I have two awesome interns with me is making me incredibly happy :)

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