Frivolous Friday: New Silly Series

I’m starting to think that putting up a certain kind of topic every day of the week will force me to write more often and make sense of what I want to talk about. So in the spirit of Twitter and its “days”, I introduce my own Frivolous Fridays, where I will speak of things not deep or philosophical–something I have a tendency to do.

My Frivolous Friday topic this week is Big Brother, my summer guilty pleasure.

Before I started watching the show, I thought that the concept of Big Brother was a bit silly: put a bunch of people in a house and let them eliminate themselves through competitions and strategy.

My first season of Big Brother was 11, and I got hooked instantly. In my house, we call it “drama”. It’s like a microcosm of human relations through stereotypes: the party girl, the gay guy, the jock, the artist, etc. Yes, Big Brother is silly and stereotypical and kind of low brow. But it doesn’t make it less fun to watch.

I like to see relationships start, grow and develop or crash and burn. I don’t wach soaps, but Big Brother is better than any soap (nobody comes back from the dead!). Safe from your sofa, you watch them suffer through physical competitions, build alliances and plot against each other. It’s like high school on steroids and on camera.

And for this year? Well, I still like Jeff and Jordan more than anyone else, even the newbies (the most interesting newbies, Cassie and Dominic, are unfortunately gone). I love how their relationship has stayed strong after 2 years and how they manage to stay strong in the house, compared to the future Brendon-Rachel trainwreck that we see getting closer and closer every episode. There is some potential in Kalia given her reactions to Brendon this week; I look forward to see where that goes.

Big Brother is the kind of show you watch with wine (or a martini) and your girlfriends. Not serious, pure fun. How do you watch Big Brother?

So here’s my Frivolous Friday post, and feel free to suggest any topic you’d like me to cover here on future Fridays!



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3 responses to “Frivolous Friday: New Silly Series

  1. As soon as I saw Rachel on there, I was out. Let me know when she goes home!

    • Anabelle

      Yeah I didn’t last long last year… she’s annoying as hell. I only relish the moment someone will kick her out.

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