App Thursday: My Favourite iPhone Apps

To honor the fact that new apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac come out on Thursday, I’m starting this new series called App Thursday where I share my favourite apps with you in a given category.

My fave iPhone apps

Today I decided to look over my very favourite iPhone apps, the ones I use every day.


The weather this morning

Atmosphérique. I love Atmosphérique because of the wealth of weather information it gives. You can have several cities at a time and you get sunrise and sunset times, humidity levels, etc. It’s usually the first app I check when I get up in the morning. The current temperature is usually pretty accurate, too.

Twitter. Well, it’s a given really. I wasn’t such a fan of Twitter until a few months ago when I started becoming more active. I like HootSuite on my iPad, but for the iPhone the classic Twitter app remains my favourite.

Facebook. Another given. My phone plan gives me unlimited Twitter and Facebook usage, so I do use them liberally; however my Facebook has taken a bit of a hit lately as I’m not so active on it anymore. Still useful for keeping up with friends and events, though.

ShopListFree. When I first got my iPhone I was rather cheap and wouldn’t pay for an app unless it was absolutely necessary (I’ve changed since…). So I got this free version of a nice shopping list app that I use for groceries. The paid version has more functions like different lists and adding your own categories, but the free one still works well for my limited grocery needs.

P Tracker Lite


P Tracker Lite. That one’s for the ladies–a cycle tracker that’s discreet and pretty. I never felt the need to go for the paid version (with a weight and temperature tracker, more symptoms and a function to share info with the boyfriend version of the app); tracking my cycle is all I really need, and the free version does that very well.

These are only a few apps that I use but they are the ones that I do use quite regularly. What’s the backbone of your iPhone app collection? Please share your must-haves!



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3 responses to “App Thursday: My Favourite iPhone Apps

  1. P Tracker Lite, LOVE IT! I’m also a fan of of the online dating apps: PlentyOfFish, eHarmony and OkCupid. Lastly, I’m ADDICTED to Hipstamatic & Shazam!

  2. Anabelle

    Not being on the dating scene I don’t know about the dating apps, but I’ll definitely check out Hipstamatic and Shazam!

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