Moving and moving on

Well, this is it. I’m moving again next week, back to British Columbia.

June has been a difficult month, with lots of traveling and thinking. I will officially withdraw next week. It feels more like a liberating time than a time of mourning. Yes, I’ve somewhat mourned my dream of becoming an academic… And yet it doesn’t bother me that much. There are things to do that are as worthwhile. And I can do them.

So I’m moving back to BC, with the intention of making a life for myself there. Maybe some extra studies in communication to be able to get work in the field. I’ve recently discovered an affinity with Web content and my ideal job would be a Web content manager. But we’ll see what happens…

I don’t have specific goals in mind. I think that’s good. Does one always need goals to feel like they’re in control? Relinquishing control, sometimes, is good. I am waiting for the universe to give me a sign.



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