Things made and unmade

I realize that this is a personal blog and that not a lot of people actually are interested in it. One day I might come up with an idea for a blog that brings me a lot of readers, but for now this is just me and my very few readers. Anyway.

Sometimes I feel the fabric of my life is like a complicated lace knitting. Full of holes and things stuck together that don’t make much sense on paper, and yet when you look at it after a few rows, it’s beautiful. And it’s okay to go back and unmake a few rows if you see a mistake. This is where I am right now, stopped between stitches wondering if I keep going and ignore the problem, or go back and correct it. Going back would mean losing time and starting again from an earlier point, while to keep going means to live with something that I know is wrong.

In the meantime, I’ve put my knitting aside and I’ve been taking my sideline for the last year — writing blog articles for money — more seriously than before. Extra money doesn’t hurt and I actually enjoy doing this. So many different topics! I learn a lot every time. There is so much to writing that I never really considered before… stuck that I was in writing English papers. There’s a big world beyond the walls of the university, and we as English specialists might even have a place in it. You just need to look for it.


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  1. I have been in an unraveling mood in my life lately, also with knitting. It’s funny how life parallels our art.

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