Good evening readers, whoever you may be, and if there are any.

I’m writing this post first from OmmDana, which is an awesome, simple text editor that helps with concentration and focus. If you have a Mac, look for it in the App store. It’s 5$, beautiful, and great.

I know I promised to write more often, but life gets in the way sometimes. And yet I feel like I will need to do a lot of writing in the coming weeks.

I think today I want to talk about gratitude. It’s been on my mind since Friday, and I think it’s important that I work it through. In yoga we try often to feel gratitude for our bodies, for the studio space, for the time we spent taking care of ourselves. I wonder if I even know what gratitude is at all.

I suppose that theoretically, I do. It’s feeling thankful for something, something that brings us good. I have been ungrateful for one of the best things in my life, and now I am in danger of losing it. Well, not really ungrateful. I have just failed to show gratitude for this thing. There is no malice in me, at least I don’t think so. I just failed to feel grateful for something that should have me on my knees with awe every single day.

How does it feel to feel grateful? How do you express it? I wonder if there is any work of literature about gratefulness (other than the Bible. Although I should probably read it for guidance on this subject (I’m no Christian but the Bible has some good stuff in it.).) When do you know if it’s okay to feel it, when do you know when you should? Can someone tell me how it feels?

Showing gratitude right now won’t solve my problem. I need to understand why I failed to do it when it mattered. I do feel grateful for it, but I could not express it in the right ways. Yet it was in my face all along.

How do you show gratefulness? Who or what do you show it to? Why does it matter that you do?


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