Paean for an abandoned blog

I don’t write much.

Actually, I do, I write a lot, just not here. And yet it’s here I should write.

I remember the halcyon days (my gosh, I wasn’t even in university back then) when I would blog every day, sometimes even more than once. What was the difference between the me then and the me now? Is it happiness? I wrote through the worst period of my life, and now I seem to have some kind of direction, so I don’t need to write anymore.

Wrong! I’m realizing lately that this part of my life, the writing part, has all been channeled in academia. While it might be useful to channel my creativity in academia, I think I should go back to thinking through my ideas on here.

A quick report: I’m currently taking a composition theory class, and it is literally changing my life. It’s changing the way I relate to my writing, the way I thought I would relate to student writing, and the way I apprehend the world through words. We do this thing called “inkshedding”. While it seemed like a new thing at first, I realize that I’ve been doing it for years, but on the Net.

Does inkshedding make for a good blog? Probably not. Not pure inkshedding anyway. But I want to start writing through my life again. Maybe pick up on my theme, “brain-body”. Because we all need a little more body in our lives, especially if we’re academics.

A little overview of my life right now: living alone in Edmonton (cold, so cold!), love of my life still living in Victoria, second semester of my PhD, trying to articulate something that looks like a project, moving in with a new friend in a few weeks, trying to lose weight despite medication that might make it difficult or impossible, still knitting and crocheting happily yet less, watching lots and lots of TV even though I’m controlling my consumption, and finding a lot of things to like about it.

I will force myself to sit here at least three times a week.


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