Edmonton, AB

I’ve been here for a week now and I thought I could spend a little time to update. My first day in Edmonton was kind of crazy: I drove for the first time in years, in an unknown city with unknown driving habits. It went well, except for the random rain that came down whenever I had to load or unload the car. A dirty, muddy parking lot is not fun when unloading a car-full of Ikea, Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire things.

I’ve acclimated myself rather well, I think. My apartment is surprisingly spacious, the bed surprisingly comfortable, and the oven surprisingly fast. The campus is nice, much bigger than what I’m used to but it’s very nice indeed.

Yesterday was the English graduate student orientation, and in there I realized that there were at least 6 of us in the graduate residence, most of us PhDs. The department staff is friendly, the students are incredibly social and welcoming. I think I will like to spend the next 5 years here.

My first class is today, it’s a translation theory class in another department. I’m excited but also nervous since I have no translation studies background. But I’m sure I’ll adapt quickly and learn what I need to pass it with flying colors.


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