Back in Montréal

I just landed this morning after a sleepless red-eye flight. I was suppose to sleep through it but it didn’t work for some reason.

It’s weird, I can’t seem to care much about what’s happening in this province anymore. There is some kind of crisis in Oka right now and the way they approach the problem appalls me, from both the White and the First Nations sides. They do things much better (but certainly not perfectly) in BC, and I find the lack of sensitivity very disturbing.

I suppose my therapist I had back when I was at Concordia was right: I’m much of a chameleon, adapting myself, my values and my thoughts to whatever situation I am in. I hope Alberta won’t turn me into a bigoted conservative, hah. But in any case I seem to have absorbed the BC way in much of the way I think and behave. I find this place too fast-paced, pretentious and really not as liberal as they think they are.

This disturbs me a little because given a choice, I would probably choose BC over Québec. Despite all the problems of BC (high cost of living, etc), I still think it’s more preferable to live there.

I miss home, but not enough to want to live here again, I think.


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