Yes, I’m still alive

Gosh, it’s been a while. It’s not like I’ve been very busy either; my revisions have been done for about a month, and now all we need is to find an external examiner for my defense (because the first one is not available anymore).

My move to Edmonton is coming fast. I will be moving in a studio apartment on campus, in the brand new graduate housing facilities. It’s a bit more expensive than what I wanted to pay, but it’ll be a good place for the first year at least. I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing more when I move, because I will be basically living alone and will have a lot to share.

Victoria has been beautiful these past few weeks. It hasn’t rained in almost 3 weeks and I’ve been wandering around the places I haven’t had time to see yet. I still need to see Beacon Hill Park and to plan some time for the Butchart Gardens.

I should make writing that blog a necessity in my day, because I’ll need to start writing papers again quite soon and I don’t want to get too rusty. I promise I’ll try!


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