Finishing this MA

I see most of my colleagues graduate this semester. It’s a bit upsetting, as I am still not done. I have so much more reading to do…

I think it was a good choice to do this though, I don’t regret it. Not only have I lived in one of the most beautiful cities in this beautiful country for two years, but I got to learn about myself, not only academically but internally as well. I will move away in September, but I will leave with a more positive attitude about life. All I need is good job prospects, and my happiness will be complete. Happily the University of Alberta has a great program, and I think my chances are good.

I’m not making much sense right now, as I am very tired because my glasses are too weak and give me headaches. I have ordered another set of 3 pairs, and they should be here for my birthday. I’ll be 27. I’m getting closer and closer to 30…


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