More time, less money

That’s often the choice we end up making as graduate students. Most of us could have gone through a business degree, found a lucrative office job and by now live in a downtown condo in whatever city we ended up in. The call of academia is too strong for some of us, however, and we succumb to spending 6 or 7 more years studying, only to enter the most difficult job market. The costs are high, and the rewards slow to come. Academia is a profession, sure, but it is first a vocation.

I was planning on defending my thesis in April so that I could work a full-time job for a summer, repay my parents and hopefully my credit card. Well, not so much, it seems. If I defend in April, I will fail. I need to defend in August. Money-wise, it’s not so good, but time-wise, it’s what I prefer. Outside of finding myself another part-time job after this one is finished (at the end of March), there are a few things I can do for money. I need about 1500$ to finish the summer.

I am still waiting to hear from my last 3 PhD applications, as McGill turned me down. Not surprising: they are known for their quirky admission habits. Toronto should come next week, and then I will have to make a decision. Edmonton or Toronto.

As long as I finish in August.


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