One week

So, my thesis is due on February 22nd, so something must be done about the “writing it” part. Last Monday I started getting up at 7h, getting to the library by 8h30, and writing at least 700 words before lunch. Then it’s reading time.

Unfortunately, a few things are not working well: by Friday I wanted to take three months off school altogether, and I also can’t seem to read fast enough to feed my writing properly. This morning I was stuck making up stuff just to fill my word objective. But I NEED to write because if I don’t it’ll never get done.

Just six more weeks, and after that it’ll be proof-reading, re-writing and fine-tuning the argument, which isn’t so bad as coming up with the stuff in the first place. I’m still reading things that make me re-think my whole approach to my basic thesis statement, which means I’ll probably end up with something completely different than I had planned. Not that this is a bad thing, though. It’s a characteristic of academic work that it always changes, and it is probably why, despite all my hatred of writing, I enjoy it so much. You start up a project thinking something about a topic, and find things that make you reconsider everything and see things from a new angle. I kinda love that.

In PhD news, two applications are left to send out: McGill and Simon Fraser. At this point I am rather fed up with the process, and to be honest I don’t have much brain space to worry about them. In March, I’ll start worrying.

I should go read!


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