The day didn’t really start on a good note, except for a friend who drove me to the airport, which was awesome.

I waited, literally, two hours to check in for my flight. There was a problem with the previous one, so everybody needed to be re-flown through other planes and places. I stood in line from 6h20 to 8h20, until they decided to dedicate one booth to the people checking in for the 9h15 flight.

After I finally got through and sat down in the waiting area, there was this beautiful rainbow on the turf. Well, guess what? My camera isn’t working. I made a point to charge the battery, but it might have actually discharged on the charger. So, no pictures of San Francisco for me. Not that I am that fond of pictures for myself, but I like to show them to those who weren’t there with me. So, I might take cell phone pictures if I see anything breathtaking; otherwise I’ll just need another reason to come back!

The flight was a half hour late, but the pilot pushed the plane and we made it to SEA-TAC in about 30 minutes. I caught my connecting flight to SFO without too much trouble. It’s so cool, they have an underground train connecting the different parts of the terminal (so does SFO, but it’s aerial). Anyway, the service on Horizon/Alaska was crap. Between Seattle and San Francisco I was seated at the very back, and the lunch cart didn’t even make it to us. Between 8h30 AM and 6h30 PM, all I ate was the little snack pack they give you. No wonder I ate my half-chicken in like 15 minutes straight, AND a dessert.

In any case, after I was out of the plane, stuff went smoothly. The transit from SFO to downtown is fairly straightforward, if a little noisy. But it’s cheap-ish (about 8$) and easy to use. The hotel is right next to the Powell street station–the shopping hub of San Francisco. For my Montréaler readers, imagine if Ste-Catherine was as big as Sherbrooke, and you get Market Street around Powell. The hotel is decent, considering the price I paid; the room is minuscule (kind of like the room I had at the Kingston in Vancouver), but the bed is big enough for two, and the bathroom/shower is right across the hall.

I managed to walk around for about an hour, went into a few stores. Nothing special there since they’re all big American chains I’m used to see, but GOD is that the biggest Old Navy I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely more “American” than Seattle, but with the temperature and the clothing style being pretty much the same as up in Victoria I still feel in the Pacific Northwest, more than California. But I heard Québec French still while walking around, seems like we’re everywhere!

I need to put the finishing touches to my Powerpoint (really, just change the title and the date…) and get some sleep. I’m seriously exhausted, and the single glass of wine I had is hitting me pretty hard, considering the emptiness of my stomach when I drank most of it.

Tomorrow I have to stay on campus all day (I have the last session of the day) but I might go out tomorrow night and definitely take the time to see some sights on Sunday (it’ll be sunny).


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  1. Cara

    That Old Navy is truly enormous! If you have any spare time, I highly recommend a trip to the Pirate Supply Store at 826 Valencia.

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