Granting things

There is just so much going on that I can barely find the time – or the words – to talk about it.

I’m a bit upset right now, the SSHRC grant is not coming along as smoothly as I would wish. There is still a lot of work to be done, and I need to refine whatever I can properly for before October 30th. I’m really tired, and I wish I could do without it… and then PhD applications… I just wish I could curl into a ball and sleep and have my robot clone do it for me, and wake up to open the letters in the spring. I sleep a lot these days, and I am tired all the time; quite the opposite of my last BA year when I didn’t sleep for two months. It started at about this time of the year.

A robot clone would be awesome.

Today I’ve also felt a bit dejected because I completely failed at the teaching workshop exercise. A lot of people in the class have BEds, and have already spent years teaching middle and high school. I stumbled and got lost in my notes and couldn’t even find the disruptive behaviour I was supposed to stop. I’m scared I’ll be really bad, and my first teaching period is in three weeks. I want to do this well.

Right now I just kind of want to get crazy drunk and forget about it all… but there’s more class tomorrow and stuff to do and class to prepare and stuff to read and write…

(P.S.: the Habs got MASSACRED by the Canucks. 7 to 1. I am ashamed.)


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