So many choices

When I applied for Master’s programs, I had a rather definite idea of where I wanted to go and who I wanted to work with. Even though I did apply to American schools, I did not really want to go there. I’m not making the same mistake again; however, I feel like applying to four PhDs is a little tight, and I’m looking for a fifth place to try and get in.

Right now my shortlist is Toronto, York, Simon Fraser and Alberta. A fifth one is hard to come by; I’m torn between UBC, McGill and Dalhousie. I don’t have enough money to spend and apply to all three extra places, so I need to choose one. Ideally, Toronto is where I want to go. I chose the other ones on the basis of their having post-colonial specialists that aren’t strictly Canadianists. I also don’t want to end up in Typical University Town, Ontario. After having seen London, it just turned me completely off. I like a city with diversified activities; Victoria even is borderline since 80% of people my age are students.

McGill is attractive because it’s home, both our families and our friends are there, and rent is cheap (could even be free if I deign to decide to travel; however I don’t think my mom would enjoy having to refurnish my room with a bed when she’s turned it into a crafts room). UBC means I get to stay in British Columbia, which I have come to love; however they don’t have any scholars strictly in commonwealth lit: their post-colonialists are mainly Canadianists, albeit excellent ones. Dalhousie comes recommended for several reasons, they have two faculty members in my field, and it’s a little bit closer to home than Vancouver or Burnaby, or even Edmonton.

I don’t need to make a choice right now, obviously, since the earliest application limit time is December 15th, and that’s UofT; the others are all in January, some in February. But I like to be set early on things, and this indecision is upsetting me.


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