Weird much?

My boyfriend just made the interesting comment that all businesses in this town work more or less like the government.

Basically, all jobs that have called or written back have done so at least 3 weeks after I have applied. In Montréal, this never happened. I would usually get called back within a day or two, but since I worked mostly with agencies they would call when they had interviews already planned for me.

So I’m finding this plunge back into the workforce a bit upsetting, especially since I’m more or less on my own now. I had quite a good contact network in Montréal, having worked with 3 different agencies over the years. Also, the market here is much more service-based than back home. Office jobs in Montréal are plenty; here it’s hotel front desk agent and barista and sales clerk, none of which I can actually do. Baristas especially, they all require coffee experience. How hard can it be to learn how to make coffee?

In the meantime I’ve found a few good ways to make extra money online, helping people write essays and the like. In 2 weeks I’ve made enough to pay for the dance class I want to take this semester.

In any case, I am still waiting for the answer from the computer labs, and I have another interview on Monday morning. I’m hoping this time of bad job luck is over. I never thought I’d need to work again before next summer, and even then I hoped I would be able to get sessional teaching positions.

Oh well, one must do what one must, and do it the best they can. Doing something other than school will do me some good, I think.


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