Back on the exercise track

Sometimes I don’t get my body.

Yesterday I took my DDR mat out of its dust-covered box for some arrow-stomping. There is a workout mode in which you can set a calorie goal, and you play until you reach the goal. Depending on the difficulty you spend about 15-20 calories per song. I had lots of fun (yay for fun cardio!) and decided I would repeat this morning.

So I did that, and then took out my (again dust-covered) Wii Fit board for toning exercises. I hadn’t weighed myself in two months, and as crazy as it sounds, according to the game I am now under 130 pounds. Since May I have been eating normally, and not exercising on a regular basis, and I lost 5 pounds? I wonder what I lost because some of my pants feel tighter than when I bought them (at the height of my undereating moment). There’s even a pair of shorts I can’t put on anymore.

Whoa, it’s already noon and I’ve got nothing done today yet? There’s a call for reviews for District 9 for which I would like to try to write something. I also need to finish editing that stupid paper. And read.


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