Good nouvelles, bad nouvelles

Well no, not really. Nothing really bad happened, except for my not doing anything productive today. I played Persona 4 for the whole day, and did laundry. And dishes.

I also got a call for a job I had applied to weeks ago; the woman told me the response was overwhelming. But this time I at least got an interview! I doubt it pays as well as the computer lab jobs, so hopefully I’ll hear from the lab before I get an answer for this one. It’s a customer service position that would let me do part time, which is awesome. She said I was on the “interview” pile. Yay me! The competition is incredible in this town. Seriously.

My shawl is advancing well, but it’ll still be quite a while until I am done. The yarn has been behaving better for the last few rows, which saves me a lot of untangling time.

I am late on my PhD apps work; I still need to finish editing this paper. Grant applications and letter requests are coming fast; I should get on that in the next few weeks. My life isn’t very hectic or busy, but I hope I will get more motivation to do stuff when classes actually start.

This is it for today’s daily ranting…


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One response to “Good nouvelles, bad nouvelles

  1. Nelson

    I love ranting, I wish I knew how to knit. Good luck with your stuff.

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