Things unravel

I have struggled to find a job in this damn town for a few weeks now. Applications that I thought were lost in the limbos of emails and HR departments are finally making their way back to me. At least I have my first interview tomorrow, to work at the university computer labs. Fairly well-paid, too.

I have finished yet another book for my thesis today, although I must admit in a little haze. I am feeling rather hyper today, and I should do something active like get on my bike and go somewhere… but of course I’ll stay home and try to do something with my Lamming paper (see this post for a reminder of the agony). I am correcting bad wording and syntax, and I should be reworking the order of the last few pages. My problem is, I have trouble shifting my paragraphs around. It cuts off all of my transitions, which means I’ll need to rewrite those. I must start to learn about the joys of editing… For someone who’s basically been handing in first drafts ever since she started her undergrad, it may be a tough nut to crack.

I’d be glad for any tips about completely reworking a redundant paper–basically, what happened is that I analyze a few scenes several times, separately, with a new argument each time. So the structure is like this:

Topic 1

  • Scene 1
  • Scene 2
  • Scene 3

Topic 2

  • Scene 2
  • Scene 4
  • Scene 5

Topic 3

  • Scene 1
  • Scene…..

You see how it goes from here. By the time I hit topic 4, I’ve analyzed a few of the scenes quite a few times already, and it does indeed sound redundant. But my problem is that I cannot conceive how to make my argument flow better (or at all) if the topics are mixed around.

Is that what I am going to spend my life doing?


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