Shawl we?

A knitting update: I have taken a fancy to knitting shawls and wraps lately. I have ordered quite a few books from Amazon, my favourite of which is Victorian Lace Today. I had not been a lace knitter before but I really fell in love with this book. I’d rather wear a shawl than a coat if the temperature will let me, so having a good variety of them will be nice!

I am currently doing the one named “A Handsome Triangle”. Here’s a picture of what it looks like for the moment:


Of course it looks silly because it hasn’t been blocked. I have been having trouble with my otherwise very nice Hand Maiden Mini Maiden yarn: it tangles a lot and little bits of wool make the strands stick together and it messes up the whole handmade center-pull ball thing. I spend as much time detangling the stuff as I do knitting it up.

But then I suppose it’s a good thing, since the longer it takes me to knit it the longer it’ll take until I need to buy more yarn for another project.


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