On finding a job and reading Jane Eyre

I know I’m waaaay overdue for an update. I didn’t even finish my Seattle trip posts! And I even went back there with my boyfriend in the meantime.

In any case, my Québec loan didn’t go through so I need to find a job to be able to pay the interest on a line of credit that I will eventually get, when I get a job. I’m in the red for about 2000$ each semester. But something will come up, I hope. If you read me and know any well-paid position for a MAX of 10 hours a week (I cannot negotiate this unless the company is ready to falsify their records) in Victoria, BC, or an online opportunity, I would be glad to hear it.

Otherwise, I have read quite a bit of Jane Eyre already, and soon I won’t have this shameful lack in my Victorianist reading list. I must say I DO NOT like Rochester, from the beginning I have distrusted him. His slavery language bothers me to the highest degree. Hopefully things will change by the end of the novel, but maybe also I am biased by my previous reading of Wide Sargasso Sea, in which Rochester is definitely not one you want to be married with, either.

Work on my thesis is going tolerably well, considering that I don’t have much motivation right now. But I’ve already found a new focus which will be interesting to pursue, following Felicia Bonaparte’s analysis of the epic nature of Romola. I think Leighton was especially sensitive to the epic in the novel, and that’s why his illustrations may seem detached from the text–he’s reading Eliot’s epic subtext and illustrating it.



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2 responses to “On finding a job and reading Jane Eyre

  1. dmariemart

    Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books.

    • Anabelle

      I… liked it, somewhat. I’m used to George Eliot much more, and now I see how it’s biasing my reading of other Victorian novels. Really, I thought the whole uncle-cousin-money thing was way too convenient.

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