More travelling

I put 2 l’s on travelling because I’m not sure whether it takes one or two, but it looks better with two when I write it down.

I am almost through my first top, but I am not looking forward to the sewing.

Also, on June 8th I am going on another spur-of-the-moment trip, this time to Seattle; might as well take in as much of the majestic Pacific North-West landscape as I can. My boyfriend will be gone from next Wednesday up until the 11th, so I am taking the time to be a tourist and travel while I can. I can’t really afford it, but I love my credit card.

He’s gone again this weekend, so right now with a whole bottle of wine in my body I am watching Grey’s Anatomy season 3 (yay Seattle!), not drinking anymore because I think I am drunk enough, and I am enjoying thinking about going on another trip. Travelling is so nice! I like travelling! I am going to go to San Francisco in November and it is going to be awesome!


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  1. are you going to take a katamaran down? that sounds exciting!

    be sure to send me a postcard! i don’t have one from Seattle yet!

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