Night and day

Last night outing’s wasn’t a total waste. I had two drinks (one paid by some random guy who didn’t run away when he learned I had a boyfriend), and then went home. The bar was nicely decorated, but the crowd reminded me strongly of the Tribe crowd, only slightly older. Usually in Montréal I feel overdressed whenever I go out–here, I am definitely UNDERdressed, even in my outrageous red dress. The leggings craziness hasn’t let up on the West Coast; I’m kinda hoping it’s gone in Montréal by now.

I woke up to a cloudy sky and some early morning rain, and I thought I would do the indoor stuff today instead of tomorrow–tomorrow is finally going to be the sunny day after all. So after a short night’s sleep and a peanut butter toasts breakfast, I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery for the 17th century Dutch masters exposition. I was slightly disappointed: ONE Vermeer (albeit the first in Canada in fifty years), and a few not very interesting Rembrandts. But a lot of stuff from a lot of other painters, some whose names I seemed to remember when I saw them. The gallery was crowded (the expo started on the 10th), and I don’t really believe that everyone visiting is actually interested in or trained for looking at art.

And then I went for more successful shopping, two pairs of comfy flip flops to wear tomorrow on my way up to Gastown and Chinatown. And a white purse (my white capri outfit would look weird with a black one) and a white scarf to wear as a wrap. I also had lunch at Tsunami Sushi, where you can choose your sushi from plates on little boats floating around the bar. It was really cute, even if the sushi wasn’t that amazing.

Tonight I wanna go to the Afterglow, maybe, and then there’s some partying going on at the hotel bar which I may venture into, depending on my mood.

Now I need to get some scissors…


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