Vancouver is great — the only boring thing about it is getting there. When you’ve done the ferry ride once, it doesn’t feel as amazing anymore, although I still love the majestic BC landscape, with the mountains topped with snow that never melts to the north. Also, never again the ferry cafeteria food. I thought I was tired the first time, but I still couldn’t digest it today.

My hotel is its money’s worth: my room is spartan, to say the least; it doesn’t even have a TV. But who cares, I’m not here to watch TV after all, I could have done that for free at home (the walls are also very thin since I can hear my neighbours rather clearly, but there is a sauna room–not that I would use it however). It is very well situated however: on Richards, just north of Robson. I went “shopping” (basically entered and left random stores, nothing was really to my taste, even at the gigantic lululemon that has twice the stuff of any other lulu I’ve been in–yes, even the Greene one) for about an hour and a half, and went down Granville a little (completely dead during the day, but I suppose it gets more lively at night). I had supper at the restaurant adjoining the hotel–slightly overpriced pub style place (but it’s a hotel restaurant, not surprised) and age group a little older than I feel comfortable hanging out at. I ate half of my dinner and kept the other half for tomorrow; that’ll make up for its price.

I scouted the potential bars I could visit this evening; I was first interested in the Boss, only to learn that it was an Asian (and young) club, AFTER I’ve taken a guestlist for it. So I scouted some more, looked up one of Fodor’s suggestions, the Ginger62. The wonders of Internet are indeed wonderful; at 7PM I find the email of the promoters and request a gueslist, which they graciously provided. I’ve been a club on my own twice in my life I think, and both times a bitter disappointment at my inability to make my own fun/get people to buy me drinks. But I’ve got nothing to lose, if a 10$ martini and a walk back home early. Otherwise I’d just watch stuff on surfthechannel.

I still don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow; it’ll be sunny, maybe I’ll go visit Yaletown or Granville Island.


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