Impulsive Victoria Day weekend getaway

Tomorrow is the Friday of a long weekend, the Victoria Day weekend (because in BC there is no “Fête des Patriotes” or “Fête de Dollard”, and in Victoria there is actually a parade on Monday). My boyfriend will be out of town for the third weekend in a row, and I just couldn’t stand staying home all alone for yet another one. So I decided to go away on my own to Vancouver.

The weather will be decent (sunny tomorrow and Saturday, rain on Sunday, perfect for the more indoors things such as art galleries and museums that I didn’t get to do with Heather in January), and the room cheap (the Kingston Hotel Bed and Breakfast, single room with shared bathroom for 75$ a night). I find myself with a newly emptied credit card (yeah I know, it SHOULD stay that way), and Vancouver is the most decent shopping to be found around here that doesn’t involve getting on a plane back to Montréal. Getting some time on my own during which I will be too busy to brood (because I tend to do that) will be good for me.

I plan on visiting Yaletown, which we basically skipped in January, and try to hit the swankiest bars either with someone I hope to meet at the hotel (on friendly terms of course), or on my own, which is not so scary because it’s not like anyone knows me there, and some people may feel inclined to indulge a solitary French traveller from Montréal.

My boyfriend totally agreed with my idea and encouraged me when my first hotel of choice was booked for the weekend, whereas my mom is all worried about me going on my own. But then again, I’m used to big towns (it’s not like I didn’t live for a year downtown Montréal), and I’m a big girl and able to take care of myself and find pleasures on my own.


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