My daily yoga

I’m currently working on two knitting projects, one that is rather long-term and another that I hope to finish in a week or so. I’ve been having lots of time to myself lately, so over the weekly knitting group and the volunteering for May, I have started to go to a local buddhist meditation center. My first time was good, and since I’ve been interested in buddhism ever since high school I’m glad to be formally introduced to it at last. I have also started to read for my thesis, which has become a compensatory reflex for shopping (when I’m bored I like to go shopping, but my current economic situation does not enable me to buy new clothes every week, so I need to do something else).

I also want to ingrain in myself the habit of doing yoga every day. I don’t care so much about going to a gym, walking outside for no reason, or going on a destination-less bike ride (especially since the weather has been crappy for riding these past weeks). To this purpose I have been using Eoin Finn’s Pure and Simple Yoga for a while, but as the routine became easier I needed to add to it a little. Again, because of money issues, I can’t buy new DVDs for variety. The DVD is great for beginners, it is a simple flow of standard poses. After a while though I felt it lacked in balance poses and twists; the only twist there is is a revolved triangle (which I hate, by the way :p). So I basically wrote down the routine and intersperced new poses with the help of a great yoga book.

The advantage I found of doing it without the guiding DVD is that I can do it at my own rhythm. I am a fast-paced person, and even though yoga significantly slows me down, I still naturally go faster than the DVD. Follow your breath, they say. Even with the added poses it usually takes me less time to do it on my own than along with the DVD. But even then every day I find myself refreshed and activated by the routine, and it seems it has accelerated my weight loss (132 right now, 12 pounds to go!). I find it as effective as a more traditional workout, without all the sweat and the boring repetitions.


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