Overdue update

Last week was not a good time for me to update regularly: I finally realized that I was on the way to developing an eating disorder and needed a few days to deal with that. I’m lucky to have a counsellor at school; she helped me figure it out and she lent me a book.

Anyway, so Friday I went on a destination-less bike ride on the Galloping Goose trail. I was out for about an hour and a half, and it was nice except for the really cold wind. I didn’t get to see anything really beautiful since I didn’t go very far; I basically went through the shipyards, an industrial lot and followed the highway. I’ll try and go further every week, or even try the Lochside trail. Next time I’ll take my camera with me and take some pictures!

I finished one of the books on my list; Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; I will write a review shortly. I’ve also been invited to give another talk at the VISAWC-VISAWUS conference in October in Vancouver; it will basically be the same thing as the one for San Francisco. Also, my Caribbean lit. class ended on a great note: A+. I could publish the final paper with a bit more theoretical work and a bit of editing, especially the last, redundant part.

I finished one crochet project, my scarf, and started another one, a bag; there is still one thing I need to do to finish the bag so I will post the pictures for the scarf:

This is a picture of the general thing. Here’s another one, close-up to see the stitch work:

What’s cool with crochet is that you can work any lenght without worries about needle (or hook) width. So I basically worked this scarf lenghtwise, 240 stitches in total, and 15 rows. It’s a nice, neutral color that will fit with any coat or pull.

This morning I started yoga again, seeing how my body felt tight and completely disconnect for the last month of mostly intellectual work. I did my 40-minute DVD and felt great after. I’d forgotten how good yoga is as much a workout as any gym routine. I’ll stick to this one for a while, and gradually lengthen the routines with the ton of available free podcasts or new DVDs.

It’s a gorgeous, warm day today in Victoria, and I biked to the tailor to get my boyfriend’s stuff back, and I didn’t need a third layer. So I’m back on the exercise track, and hopefully on the normal eating track again as well.


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