What happens when you lose 7 pounds and a dress size?

You spend money you don’t really have on clothes. And an OUTRAGEOUS close-fitting red dress from Le Château that was twice what I would ever spend on a dress usually. I’ve spent the winter wearing baggy lululemon sweat pants and running shoes. I look greater that I have for a whole year. Today I got a pair of beige pants, a plaid-print pencil skirt (anything that makes me look closer to Dr. Cuddy on House is awesome), and two tops along with the dress. And I took out my pointy-toed pumps. Which look really good with a pencil skirt.

Also, I’m drunk right now. But I made it home by bus, which is cool cause it saves me money.

Also (bis), this town is really boring. I can’t wait to go back to Montréal and find that everybody goes out on Thursdays, not just grad students who are done with their semester. The bar we went to was eerily empty by 10h20, which to me is the time the line-up should start forming outside to get in.


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