Now with a lot of time…

I finished the scarf for Tassie yesterday, as well a re-knitted my boyfriend’s beanie with smaller needles (the original was too big). Here is a picture of the scarf:dsc05553I made a few mistakes in it, inattention mostly. But all in all it looks pretty good I think. It still hasn’t been blocked, I haven’t received my package from KnitPicks yet. I’m hoping this week, fingers crossed. Also until I get my package I can’t start on my new projects, a felted bag and my first garment! I am waiting for two sets of needles as well, and it’ll be a waste of money to buy a pair while waiting for the stuff to come in the mail. While I’m waiting I suppose I’ll get started on learning crochet; I have one and a half skeins of white bulky wool that I could use for practice.

In other news, I survived my last paper–I am no sophisticated theorist, and it is the best I could ever do. I’m not especially proud of it, but hey, can’t be a top writer about everything. It’ll just teach me to stay away from this kind of stuff in the future. Now I am off school until September, officially, but I still have to start reading for my thesis and to find something proper for my PhD applications.


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  1. dmariemart

    I like this scarf, both the pattern and the color.

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