Part of the gang

I just received words from the presiding officer of the Literature and the Other Arts panel at the 2009 PAMLA conference. My paper was accepted in the panel! I am going to San Francisco in November!

My work fits in really well in this panel, so I’m not especially surprised, but it’s still nice to see that I am now considered on the same level as established scholars. It is really, really cool :) My first conference was as an undergrad, where only your undergrad friends and their profs came, whereas the grad/scholar panels were well-attended. Having work professionally recognized is really awesome.

In other news, I have now finished my boyfriend’s beanie (yes I have been procrastinating and knitting instead of reading. But I got sick today so I am taking it easy, and tomorrow I will read up a storm and write something potentially viable for Tuesday. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.) dsc05552It’s much simpler than I thought to knit with a circular needle, and the yarn I chose is really soft and hopefully warm!

I have also started a friend’s scarf, picture of which will come, of course, when I’m done!


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