On getting a bike, going all over Victoria and avoiding work

So, I have decided that I would get a bike to get around and keep me busy for the summer (Victoria has two amazing trails going west and north–if I wanted I could bike to Nanaimo and even Vancouver). I responded to an add on craigslist for a nice cheap road bike, in seemingly good condition. Not having biked for about 10 years, I was a little apprehensive on the idea of biking around a city.

In any case, here I am after the grocery shopping preparing my route to go to the guy’s house in Gordon Head (just northeast of the UVic campus), when I have the brilliant idea to head downtown and get a helmet, just in case I liked the bike and wanted to ride it back home. First stop: MEC, where to buy the 35$ helmet and the 12$ bike lock I also needed to get a 5$ membership. Okay, worth it for the amount of stuff at the store. For some weird reason that I still cannot fathom, MEC did NOT have the biking map of Victoria. To my great surprise. An outdoors store without a biking map of the city it’s in? Yeah, beats me too.

Anyway, so then I had to go around downtown hunting for the friggin’ map. Not at the Chapter’s. Not at the SportCheck. Not at the Bay Center guest services. My last resort: the campus bookstore, where the UVic biking group says it is available. I was planning on transferring buses to avoid walking all the way up in Gordon Head, but I had no choice: campus and walk it was.

Yeah, I finally got the map. At the campus bookstore. Go figure. Anyway I had to walk a good 25 minutes to get to the guy’s place, including walking through a half-flooded field. Well, all for nothing. The bike was too high for me. I couldn’t stand flat on my feet without the middle bar crushing my crotch. But at least I still know how to bike!

The bus I took back down to my usual bus route took me directly to a used bike shop I had read good reviews of a few months back, so I decide to stop by there. From Quadra Village to downtown to UVic to Gordon Head to Fernwood: quite the trip already. They had something that seemed nice, and they are prepping it for me to try on Monday or Tuesday; hopefully I’ll be coming back home in half the time it took me to walk Bay street westward to home.

I had left at around 11h30; it was half past three when I got back. I walked at least an hour. I am exhausted and smelly and I feel just like I used to, when a child, after spending an afternoon in the pool. And my paper still has more than halfway to go. I just wrote 500 useless words that could have entered my paper instead of my blog.

Now are you wondering why I have a tag that’s called “I’m supposed to be doing something else”?


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