This is a procrastination post.

Hey, I have a paper to write, so what do I do? I start a new blog. Way to go, Ana. Not that the paper is not going well – I’ve got everything in my head already.

It’s actually quite a fun topic–laughter. But as I hate writing papers generally, whatever the topic, I always end up writing at the last minute, or very little over a long time and then rush the rest before the due date. Worst thing is, I’ve already written a 9-page thing about the exact same topic, in lieu of practice. But still I can’t seem to go very fast with this one. I’ve been cursed with last-minutedness since the very beginning of my undergraduate days; graduate school hasn’t changed that fact, it seems.

So here I am with George Lamming’s In the Castle of My Skin, Bakthin’s Rabelais and His World and an edited collection of essays on laughter and the post-colonial, Cheeky Fictions, trying to finish my section about theory. For the non-initiates, laughter theory is incredibly hard to work with: there is so much of it, and they contradict each other a lot. I’ve figured a way out of it, but trying to put everything together in a paper is the hardest part; I usually put my thoughts together directly on paper without prior planning. I sometimes don’t even know my thesis before I am done writing! And to my dismay, iTunes radio seems to be offline, so no classical music to occupy that part of my brain that wanders while I write.

That’s an exciting afternoon ahead of me, also considering there are still a few dishes to clean and some food to cook before I head for my last evening of volunteering.


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