Let’s talk about something else

So I’ve reached my writing quota for today, not that I wrote enough but at least I finished my first section.

Anyway, I want to talk about knitting a little.

My choice of knitting as a hobby was a more or less random choice–I’ve heard aout knitting circles and celebrities who knit, but most importantly in that project I am volunteering for there is this student who always brings her knitting to class and I really like what she does. So one day, after a rather harsh discussion with my boyfriend about me having no damn life, I set out to Victoria’s best-known knitting store, the Beehive Wool Shop. The wonderful colors and the cozy feel of the store instantly attracted me, but I was intimidated by the fact that I knew, literally, nothing about knitting. The girl who took care of me was really helpful, and I walked out with two balls of yarn, Patons’ Next Steps One guidebook and a set of size 10 needles.

Next thing was to get a better technique book; what better than Knitting for Dummies? It has indeed proven itself handy, especially in teaching me other stitches and in providing more interesting patterns than the Patons booklet. One gets bored of garter stitch rather quickly. So within a week and a day, I already had two pieces: a scarf and a tuque. Here are pictures of them:

Yes, I know – boring pattern and color. I doubt I’ll ever wear them; maybe I’ll give them away to charity next winter.

I have now put a hiatus on my projects, since I do have papers to write to finish this semester, and I know I’d rather spend it knitting. But I am also interested in starting crochet. It will be an interesting summer, with no classes, an eventual bike, a trip back to Montréal and lots of knitting!


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